Charlie Brown for Congress

Charlie Brown's American Jobs Plan

Charlie is a retiree living on a fixed income, so he understands, first hand, how families are affected today by rising gas, grocery, healthcare, and other costs. Charlie believes America can create & keep good jobs by investing in education, technology, an updated infrastructure, energy independence, and fair trade.  He opposes the outsourcing of American prosperity promoted by NAFTA and CAFTA, and supported the recent increase in the minimum wage.

He supports permanent tax relief for the middle class and elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax.   Charlie will fight for additional tax relief for small business innovators because he understands that the best way to keep the American economy strong and prosperous is by investing in a 21st century workforce, technology, and energy independence.

Charlie will:

  1. Cut Taxes - Charlie Supported Bush Tax Cuts for Middle Class, and Capital Gains Tax Cuts
  2. Stop rewarding U.S. Businesses for shipping American Jobs overseas.
  3. Invest in Energy Independence, education, and infrastructure.
  4. Reduce the number of uninsured Americans, which is driving up everyone's healthcare costs, and driving far too many U.S. businesses out of business.
  5. Balance the federal budget or lawmakers don't get paid.
  6. Invest in a high-quality education for our children and our workforce.
  7. Protect American families and retirees by restoring accountability in the financial markets.

Tax Cuts Charlie Will Fight For in 2009 to help spur growth and create American jobs.

Extension of:

Enactment of:

Elimination of:


Charlie views Energy Independence as our single greatest economic opportunity since the industrial revolution. That's why he's signed on to conservative activist and oil billionaire, T. Boone's Pickens energy independence pledge - because he knows that there is unlimited economic potential for American job growth in creating clean, renewable energy, and that the next Congress must get an energy solution enacted into law in its first 100 days.


Charlie views the 4th District as one of the most strategically vital regions in America-the right leadership means more jobs and a higher quality of life.


Charlie Brown knows that a fiscally disciplined government is essential to create economic growth. He is committed to putting our country's fiscal house in order, and ending the dangerous cycle of "borrow, spend, and let our children worry about it" currently in place in Congress.  America is currently grappling with the largest deficits in American history (much of which is owed to foreign governments like China, Iran and Saudi Arabia), with Congress providing almost no oversight on waste and abuse.  
The reckless spending and misguided priorities of the current Congress has had a disastrous effect:  every child in America now inherits $30,000 in debt.  Charlie believes there is more than enough money to do the things our government and our people need, provided we concentrate on real priorities.  He'll fight for middle class tax relief and a budget that puts our security, our economy, and our children's future first.  


Charlie believes increasing access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans, and especially preventive care, is the key to reducing healthcare costs for all Americans. By improving the quality of care and reducing the cost through preventative care, we can free up capital for investment and job creation.


We do not need big government, what we need is local control, and no more one size fits all unfunded mandates. Charlie Brown knows the key America's economic success in the global, technology-based economy is a good education for our children and our workers.
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